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Invisible Lines
バージョンStem 1
トラック説明Delicate and serene guitar chords with a simple ambient lead.
作曲Brandon Matias
キーワード Beds / Underscores organic light minimal dreamy heartwarming hopeful inspiring reflective romantic ambient peaceful entertainment wedding human interest new age rock drama chill environment post rock post ambient rock soft gentle hope dawn beginning guitar drifting serene reduced mellow simple dream celestial warm heart heartfelt heart warming expectant inspired inspiration inspire encourage encouraging inspirational introspective contemplate contemplative thoughtful pondering wondering sentimental love romance sweet tender passionate peace zen content bliss blissful contented relaxed celebrity celebrities hollywood actor actors actress gossip scoop limelight spotlight tv movie movies acting glamorous show biz show business fame wed marriage nuptual nuptuals bride groom wedding ceremony wedding reception cosmic meditate meditation feng shui massage massage therapy relaxation dramatic